A une distance les mots mordent ...


... When a walk leads 
to a new Perspective ...

I've been away from this little personal space too long, but things lead me to other things, and life goes on without realizing it ... in a few words, I found myself away from this place more than I wanted.
--The other day, walking the streets, while a thunderstorm cut through the air, I was looking for shelter from the claws of the lightning that discharge on the ground their powerful rage, and I thought that I wanted to go away for a while. I have already experienced how good is get away from things, try themselves in faraway places and ... I must say that it has always done well - occasionally - is necessary for me.

Do you never had this feeling? 
 Did you never feel the desire to escape? 
Ever you bolted away from yourself? 

If this had not happened ... I hope to you. I hope that, at least, once in a while you can experience that feeling ... to stop everyday routin, see yourselves from outside, analyze your lives and come back with a clear mind and full of new ideas, fresh prospetive and heavy with that awareness that leads the heart to a new maturity, greater self-confidence and identity.

I love walking under the thunderstorm, look around for a rainy day, see swell clouds, look for the rainbow in a storm and then warm up with sunlight that follows the rain. Is beautiful and satisfying to search the unknown in the midst of what I look hundreds of times, but without really looking, seeing something totally new and decisive.
--This I felt to tell you today, also in view of the possibility of created from vacation escape ... try to run away and then come back and see everything in a new perspective!



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