Est-ce que je peux t’inviter boire un café?


I thought many times about what, actually, reading is for me.

I thought that sometime was a nice pastime, some other time was something that taught me a couple of things about faraway places, new cultures or that plunged me into extraordinary stories.
In fact, thinking about a little bit of, I believe that reading was a true friend, a good companion who followed me for roads that, otherwise, it would be difficult path, for me, having neither the ability, nor the knowledge to do so.

Everything concerning the reading still fascinates me terribly and I believe, and hope, that this appeal will always innovate, never run out or diminish at all, even if at some point the age and powers, probably, will hinder the way ...

Have you ever thought seriously about the reading has influenced your life, your choices, proposing ways and scenarios that you thought not to be possible or even conceivable?
It made you more courageous about your feelings on something or someone?

The reading has allowed you to understand something new about yourself?
... Or maybe it was not anything like this, after all?
I have not found courage to action, but in a way I found spur to some of my principles, they found lymph and support thinkers and writers who have taught me to build royalties and personal rules, moral principles on a solid foundation and understanding human nature (but much I miss about).
I also found the comprehension of new ideas, new concepts and types of expressions and feelings, even if you still do not fully understand, I learned there.
The printed page certainly does not replace the word, discussions, and the perception that you have with real people, but it's good substitute if the good company languish, here is ...
You do not find?

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