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Today, probably because is a foggy and raining day, I feel more comfortable at home than any other place in the world. Bored to stay at window and counting the teardrops of the sky kissing the earth, yesterday I took my pc and I've started this new adventure named "A little bookshop in Amiens".

I have another blog - about books, of course - but I don't really know why --- I feel this need in the deepest of my heart to walk another path ... approach myself to another side of life and find the true souls of books. I don't know in which directions to go, but I built this little virtual bookshop for understand better a couple such things.

A couple of hours ago I was sitting in my sofa with my cats, watching talking the tv and I was boring, and now I'm here happy to fill a little piece of my life with this new box of idea, and little things call life --- for me is a little miracle and a brand new beginning of something of beautiful.

If someone want to know the reason of the name of the blog --- Yes, I know, its a little strange but --- I love France, I love Amiens in particulary (a village in the north of Paris) and I love books, so ... why not "A little bookshop in Amiens"? Do you like it? I hope yes, and I hope you like the world seen from my eyes...

I wish you a wonderful year
 full of happiness, wonder and discovery.


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